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Looking into a short history of Paris

There have always been people living in Paris for ages...
But let's see the period more thoroughly that Julius Caesar described:
"The Parisians live on a marvellous location in an island of a great river.
When you see its narrow and extended shape, we could mistake it for a ship with its anchor in the middle of the ocean."
So are the first words that History lets us know about the city that will become one of the greatest and most beautiful of the world...

Going backwards to the fast

Our ancestors, the "parisii", have given their names to the beautiful city.
The hotel will show you the different periods of time through the main ones which have made the Paris of today.
From Renaissance till Art Deco, you will find in each room one of the great characters who have left an unfogettable mark in the History of Paris:
From François 1er to Coco Chanel, without forgetting Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette or the Emperor Napoléon, Joséphine de Beauharnais, Pierre Ronsard, Jean de la Fontain, Jacques Offenbach, Jules Verne and other famous artists, creators and contractors.
It It is a real discovery into the heart of our history.

Then, go and get to know Paris. From your hotel take a walk across the City of Lights.
You will be entusiastic to behold its palaces, its monuments, its parks, its gardens, its avenues with its trees all along, its department stores, its cabaret and casinos that enliven a night life.

Located in the heart of the city, Latour Maubourg hotel's staff will do its upmost to make your stay as magic as successful as possible.

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