Spa & Wellness

The Hotel & Spa de Latour Maubourg invites you to enjoy their Spa from 8a.m. to 10p.m. ideal for relaxing after a day of work or sightseeing in Paris.  

Do not forget your swimsuit! 

You will have at your disposal :


Four Seasons Shower

Choose from four very different shower experiences, all with music, water and light effects, inspired by the Mediterranean seasons and scents: Winter, spring, summer, autumn


Ice Fountain

The contrasting action of thin ice against the body provides a toning and invigorating effect after a hot relaxing steam bath.

Rub yourself with ice on different body parts: this experience will stimulate blood flow, firm skin and relieve the joints.

It can be repeated several times during the course.


Hammam Steam Bath

Also known as Hammam, the Steam Bath is a hot and humid booth with temperatures ranging from 43°C to 50°C and humidity of 90%.

A steam bath session; of about 15 minutes, helps release muscle tension, remove toxins and open pores.

It brings intense muscle relaxation and can ease stiffness and joints pains. 

It helps relieve cold symptoms and soothe respiratory tract.

Upon leaving the Hammam, discover the shower experience, the ice fountain or enjoy the ice cave.


Ice Cave

In this room cooled at 10°C with an ice wall, enjoy the contrasting action of the cold after the heat of the Hammam steam bath.

This experience revitalized and firms your skin. It can be repeated several times during your visit.




Massages and treatments

Relax in your room at any time with tailor-made treatments and getting more energy for a pleasant stay.


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the hotel is not able to accomodate people with reduced mobility
Animals are forbidden in our establishment


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